Rainbow’s End Learning Centers

are a Place for Preschoolers.

Children who are three to four years of age are enrolled within the preschool programs at Rainbow’s End Learning Centers. In our preschool classrooms, children benefit from an educational play-based approach to learning and are taught invaluable school readiness skills through exploration and discovery of each learning domain.

School readiness is a major focus within each of our four-year preschool programs (the Washington site is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education). Weekly lesson plans revolve around the alphabet and Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards, and we offer weekly opportunities for show and share. Our lessons prepare children for entry into elementary school, and we work with local school districts to ensure that your child's transition to kindergarten is smooth in every way.


Does Rainbow's End enroll children at any time?

Rainbow's End accepts ongoing enrollment throughout the school year as space allows in each classroom.

What does my child need to bring to school each day?

Children are asked to have a spare change of clothing at all times as well as bedding for nap time.

Want to Learn More About Rainbow’s End Learning Centers?

Rainbow's End is a place where building a good rapport with parents is top priority, and where children are grasping the
fundamental knowledge they need to succeed. Take a look at our competitive pricing to see if we would be a good fit for you and your child.