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Frequently Asked Questions

Children are served breakfast, lunch, and snack according to the CACFP guidelines. If a child has an allergy, we are able to provide substitutes with a doctors note.

Toddlers are asked to bring bedding weekly for their nap mats as well as diapers and two boxes of wipes. Two changes of clothing are requested to be kept in their cubby areas at all times.

Preschoolers are asked to have a spare change of clothing at all times as well as bedding for nap time.

Staff will assist in potty training when the children are ready and showing interest. Parents will let staff know how they are working on training at home so that staff may extend to the center and provide a smooth transition for the children.

Rainbow's End accepts ongoing enrollment throughout the school year as space allows in each classroom.

Children are eligible to be enrolled in the Washington site's Pre-K Counts program after Blueprints has reviewed their application and assigned them to our center. To qualify, families must reside in Pennsylvania and meet the income requirements. Please call 724-225-9550 for an application.

Yes, if plans have been made with the director we do have a program for cancellations and scheduled closures.

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