Rainbow’s End Learning Centers

are a Place for Older Toddlers.

Children 24 months through 36 months are provided creative activities that enhance learning capabilities and language development.

Older Toddlers are encouraged to explore and develop their personalities, as well as focus on communication and social skills with their peers and staff.

In the Older Toddler Classroom, children receive quality care and developmentally based programming. The children are provided a variety of creative activities designed to enhance their learning capabilities and language development. A primary caregiver is assigned to every child to facilitate learning and ease transitions.


Do I need to provide meals for my child at Rainbow's End?

Children are served breakfast, lunch and snack according to the CACFP guidelines. If a child has an allergy we are able to provide substitutes with a doctors note.

What will my child need to bring to school each day?

Children will be asked to bring bedding weekly for their nap mats as well as diapers and 2 boxes of wipes. 2 changes of clothing are requested to be kept in their cubby areas at all times.

Does Rainbow's End potty train?

Staff will assist in potty training when the children are ready and showing interest. Parents will let staff know how they are working the training at home so that staff may extend into the center and smooth transition will be provided for the children.

Want to Learn More About Rainbow’s End Learning Centers?

A place where building a good rapport with parents is top priority. A place where children are grasping the
fundamental knowledge they need to succeed. A place where children feel safe and secure in their environment.